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Thanksgiving Picks!

Mon, Mar 21, 22

Thanksgiving Picks!

We can’t wait for Thanksgiving – gathering with family and friends, overindulging in too much stuffing, and of course the wine!  We have ideas for you to kick off the party, all kinds of wine pairings, and tasty things for after dinner.  We’re going to have a bottle or two open every day from now until the holiday, so come by for a taste if you need some inspiration.


Thanksgiving - Start to Finish

Kicking things off…

For this marathon of cooking and hosting it can be best to start off with lighter drinks: lower alcohol cocktails and refreshing wines.  You could also make a great spritz out of seltzer and vermouth or lillet, and roses and sparkling wines are always a festive start to the day. See our aperitif picks here.

Going classic...

Something about the classics just feel right for Thanksgiving.  We have domestic Pinot Noir, Burgundy, Sancerre, and Zin all picked out for that traditional table.

For Something Different...

Maybe you’re not making the usual Turkey and Stuffing spread, or maybe you just want to have some different options on the table.  Lighter reds like Gamay and Carignan, savory Chenins, skin contact wines, and Rieslings can really mix things up.

Finishing Strong...

If there’s ever a time for after dinner drinks this is that time!  You can really serve anything you like (even some more wine) but we love pulling out the special stuff.  Things like Amaro, local or traditional, or Sauternes to go with that apple pie, or your favorite whiskey, cognac, or grappa.