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Our Story

One of the oldest wine shops in New York state, Scotto’s has been supplying its customers with the finest wines and spirits with an outstanding variety and great values for generations.  We offer specials and wine tastings that are constantly changing. So, make sure you visit us online and at our store when you want the best items at great prices.

Our store front

Store Interior

How our deliveries used to be made.

Store History

  • 1909 – Dominic Scotto opens the original location with his brother on Hicks st.
  • 1920 – The 18th amendment goes into effect – Prohibition  – and the shop is forced to close
  • 1933 – Prohibition is repealed and Dominic applies for one of the first licenses to sell wine in Brooklyn
  • Feb 9, 1934 – His new store opens at 318 court st – it’s current location.
  • 1930’s – Wine was shipped in barrels and local customers would bring their own clay jugs to fill and bring home (we still have one of the original jugs).  At this point the shop only sold wine.
  • 1940’s – Dominic obtains a license that allows him to carry spirits, and is able to expand the selection.
  • After WW2 Dominic passed away, leaving the store in the hands of his son Leo, a WW2 veteran and history teacher.  He ran the store with the help of his mother and his brothers, most of whom were still in school at the time. The brothers were Anthony, Joe, Sal, and Frankie.
  • 1950’s to 1980’s – Anthony relocated to california to try his hand at winemaking.  Joe stayed in the neighborhood and taught high school. Frankie became a franciscan priest – Father Dominic. Leo kept up the shop, raising his family here in Brooklyn.
  • 1980 – Leo’s daughter Grace joined the business as the third generation Scotto to sell wine in the neighborhood.
  • 1985 – With the goal of expanding selection and meeting the increasing demand for wine Grace took on a major renovation and expansion project, more than doubling the shop’s size and selection.
  • 1989 – Leo decided to retire, and Grace looked for a team to take on the business. Jim entered the picture, expanding the opening hours, and deepening the range of selections offered.
  • 1989-today, Jim has been the owner and buyer, running the show.